Friday, August 7, 2015

You Learder's Of War!

Written in 2001 by Jeanette Foresta
Do unto others, as they have done unto you?
And the vicious cycle goes on.

You think you deserve the right
to have a house and a bed

when I look in your eyes

you are all walking dead

You can't compromise

You Kings of the world

you think you are so great

you are all in a whirl!

You think you have the power to stop all of the war's?

who's in control are really the poor

they strap themselves with bombs of hate

and head out to kill you and your mate.

It goes much deeper than the caves and hills

It is the killing which propels more kills!

refugees are targets of rage

women and children put in a big cage

farmers are taken off of their farms

numbers are written in rags on their arms

why not give them a portion of land?

Instead of taking their need

as a flame being fanned?

you leaders of war go door to door

house to house to plunder the poor

spraying and throwing them off their land

oh gee won't God think this is grand

you sons of man, where is your God

where is your miracle

your savior planned

where has he gone since

he cannot be found

is He a figment of your imagination

it seems to be true

that scripture was written by a King and a Jew

no one will save us! It's all in the plan

that we must realize

"God is within"

we make our miracles

we choose to kill

we choose our own demon

we have free will!

we know there is something

we cannot define

it's a vibration

and it is divine!